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Decades of Prime Kansas City Foundation Repair

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"I contacted this company because I had a crack in my foundation I noticed was widening. I was able to schedule quickly and they came to inspection my foundation. They gave me an estimate for crack repair and explained the process completely. Definitely would recommend calling them if you're in Kansas City."

Our Kansas City Foundation Repair Service is King!

Full-Scale Foundation Repair

Offering top-rated foundation inspection, crack repair, leak repair, and basement work
Comprehensive crawl space installation, repair, encapsulation, and vapor barriers
Skilled drainage solutions which include French drain and sump pump installation

Other Pro Foundation Services

Reliable pier & beam work and foundation slab repair services for your property
Complete basement waterproofing to prevent issues before the occur
Professional house leveling that ensures your home sits on stable ground

Flawless Reputation

Many years of on-the-job experience within our local community and beyond
Fully-licensed and insured to perform repairs in the Kansas City area
Competitive prices coupled with FREE, no-obligation inspections & estimates

The ONLY Foundation Repair Company in Kansas City That Makes Sense

When looking for commercial or residential foundation repair in Kansas City, MO, the clear choice is our company. Why? Because we ALWAYS deliver on our promises. Suppose we tell you that we can fix your foundation; that is exactly what we'll do. Our prices are rock-solid, and so are our FREE estimates. What we quote you is what you'll pay. Aren't completely satisfied with our work (this rarely happens), we won't take a penny from you until you are.

Our company is grounded in common sense, integrity, and hard work. We don't play games with our customers. Our crew fully understands how important your home's foundation is, and we do everything in our power to make sure you are sitting upon sturdy ground. When a foundation is cracked or damaged in any way, it can wreak havoc on the entire framework of your building. We prevent that from happening.

Turn to our licensed and insured foundation contractors for all of your crawl space, basement foundation, and waterproofing needs. We're always on call to serve you! Got an emergency? Call us right away! We aren't in the business of letting people down, and that means YOU.

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we 100% guarantee our work!

We're the Professionals of Foundation Repair

When you require foundation repair services in Kansas City, we are here to meet all of your basement repair, crack repair, and leak needs with high-quality services that you can count on! From house leveling to crawl space encapsulation, no job is too complex for us.

Foundation Repair

Offering commercial and residential foundation repair for affordable prices. We make fixing your foundation walls easy! Our contractors use industry-leading equipment, tools, and techniques to ensure 100% success.

Crawl Spaces

We offer different treatments for your crawl space, depending on your unique circumstances. Crawl space encapsulation, vapor barrier installation, crawl space repair, and waterproofing are a few professional services that we have on our menu. 

Basement Waterproofing

Our foundation repair company also does skilled basement waterproofing services for your basement and crawl space. We also make French drain and sump pump installation available to our commercial and residential customers.

Basement Repair

Basement repair is serious business! We offer meticulous inspections, crack & leak repair, and address issues with mold and vermin infestations. Turn to our experts to inspect your basement walls and complete basement waterproofing services for your leaky basement.

Residential Services

Your home needs to sit on solid ground, and when it doesn't, severe problems with your structure can arise. Say goodbye to sloping floors, bowing walls, and cracked foundations! We offer top-rated home foundation services.

Commercial Services

Commercial foundation repair in Kansas City, MO, is just as important as residential. We check out your piers & beams or slab foundation using our methodical inspection protocol. You can count on us to leave no stone unturned!

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Foundation FAQs

Do you have a burning question pertaining to your homefoundation? Check out our FAQ section! If you don't find your answer, we invite you to call or email our knowledgeable repair contractors, who can help you with your inquiry.

What are signs you need foundation repair?

Look for signs like cracks in walls, sticking doors and windows, separating walls, uneven floors, cracks in the foundation itself, and basement leaks.

What can I do to prevent foundation problems?

To prevent future problems, maintain proper drainage directing water away from the foundation, periodically inspect for new cracks, keep gutters clear, and maintain consistent soil moisture levels around the foundation. You can also schedule a bi-annual foundation inspection for your property.

How can I fix my own foundation?

Unless you are a licensed, insured, and trained contractor who has access to heavy machinery and many years of experience we do not recommend that you attempt to fix your own foundation.

News About Our Complete Foundation Repair Services

Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists is a local, family-owned business that strives to offer you top-notch basement, crawl space, and foundation services that you can trust. Our services are the bedrock of our company.

Thorough Foundation Inspections Performed by Skilled Kansas City Area Contractors

When hiring a company to issue an inspection of your foundation, you need to be sure the contractors are experienced, meticulous, and well-trained. Missing one small crack can be detrimental. You can rest assured that our technicians are truly methodical when it comes to assessments.

Another exciting aspect of our foundation inspections, is that they are FREE! We'll find any foundation wall issues, give you an estimate, and develop a plan to get the problems worked out using our industry-leading methods. Are you ready to schedule? Call our foundation repair team now!
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foundation crack repair in kansas city missouri

The Best Foundation Crack Repair Kansas City Has Ever Seen!

We complete the most prestigious foundation crack repair in the state. We keep up-to-date on modern methods and combine them with tried and true techniques for concrete repair that have served us well for decades. When your foundation is cracked, we will inspect the area and note the characteristics of the crack because they mean something in terms of our repair plan.

Some of the repair methods we use include polyurethane injections, pier & beam fixes, and total slab foundation repair. We can't predict the future, but we can guarantee all of our work, including foundation crack repair.

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House Leveling Services

When your house is not leveled the way it should be, it can lead to structural problems. These issues can totally wreak havoc on your home. Things like sloping floors, bowing walls, windows, and doors that no longer operate correctly are all signs and symptoms of an unleveled house.

Never fear! Our foundation contractors can address these issues with expert house leveling and slab jacking services. We'll determine the root cause of the problem, which generally involves some degree of soil expansion, and go from there. You can count on our house leveling methods to work!
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house leveling needed for a brick home in kansas city
basement foundation repair for a kansas city home

Superior Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Services

Your basement is where the foundation begins. When there are cracks and leaks present in your basement floor and walls, you can bet that the foundation is compromised in some way, shape, or form. Don't worry; our team will get to the bottom of the problem and apply appropriate repairs and basement waterproofing products to remedy the issue for a lifetime.

Basement foundations that are damaged often leave homeowners at risk for leaks, insect & vermin infestations, and mold growth. Our top priority is rectifying your basement foundation problems so that these secondary symptoms will not manifest. Are you ready for a free basement foundation inspection? Call us today.

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Reliable Kansas City MO Slab Repair

When your home or commercial property has been built on concrete foundations, otherwise known as "slab." Problems like water intrusion, sloping floors, and cracks can arise due to soil settlement. Usually, we see slab foundations in older buildings. Repairs for these types of foundations differ from pier & beam.

Our company has the experts for fixing slab foundations. We've seen many instances where other contractors thought a slab was completely lost, and we were the crew to come in and change the outcome. Take a gamble on our company today and hire us for all your slab foundation needs.
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slab foundation repair kansas city mo
pier and beam foundation repair kansas city

High-Quality Pier and Beam Repair - We Do the Job Right the First Time!

Pier and beam foundations can deteriorate over time due to the settling and shifting of the building. When individual piers shift, this sets the entire framework of the house off balance. You may start noticing sloping floors and bowing walls, among other undesirable things. 

Our team offers a variety of fixes for pier & beam foundations that include crawl space helicals, interior floor helicals, screw jack bracket systems, and girder & beam repair. Do you feel that there could be a problem with your piers & beams? Call us now, and our team will investigate the area free of charge.

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Get Services for Foundation Repair Kansas City Area Property Owners Trust

Our team is your one-stop shop for all things foundation-related. We believe that Kansas City homeowners in our area and beyond should have access to reliable repair services. If you see your city below, please, call us today and make our contractors your local foundation gurus. We serve areas across Missouri!

Kansas City
Lee's Summit
Blue Springs
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We Wrote a Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Repair & Inspection! It's Yours FREE

Our foundation experts decided that there's not enough quality information for homeowners about their foundation issues. So, we wrote a free e-book about common foundation repair FAQs and how to spot the signs that your property may require repairs.

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Offering Cutting Edge Foundation Services

Bypass all the riffraff and call upon the foundation repair calvary! Our company won't let you down. Our services and prices are backed by our sturdy guarantees! Call us at (816) 327-9077
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