6 Signs Your Kansas City Crawl Space Needs a Vapor Barrier (Quick Guide)

August 17, 2022

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A crawl space vapor barrier for a Kansas City property is an excellent investment! Vapor barriers, encapsulation, dehumidifiers, and other waterproofing services protect piers and beams and a structure’s underside from damage. Additionally, they keep that crawl space clean and dry, making accessing the space easier and safer!

Before you put off waterproofing for your property, note some signs that your property needs a crawl space vapor barrier. You can then discuss these issues with a foundation repair contractor near you. He or she can inspect your property and offer added suggestions for protecting that space.

1. Damp floors? It’s time for a crawl space vapor barrier in Kansas City!

An unprotected crawl space often traps moisture and humidity. That dampness might then make its way inside your structure. Consequently, you might soon notice dampness along tile or concrete floors, or underneath carpeting.

A crawl space vapor barrier blocks moisture from collecting inside that space. In turn, that moisture won’t make its way to interior spaces. You’ll enjoy clean, dry floors and interior rooms when you choose a vapor barrier installation.

crawl space needing a barrier installed in kansas city

2. Rusted or otherwise damaged household items? Get a vapor barrier!

Along with damp floors, moisture seeping into a structure from a crawl space often means rusted appliances and other items. Also, you might notice water damage on other stored household goods. For instance, paperwork and books might get moldy or water stained.

Blocking moisture from the crawl space also keeps it away from items inside the home. Consequently, this protects items you have stored along lower levels or directly over that crawl space.

3. Invest in a vapor barrier to stop unpleasant odors and smells

Moisture trapped in a crawl space and seeping into a structure often means unpleasant, musty smells. You might especially notice these smells coming from interior floors and directly above the crawl space. Waterproofing that space can reduce that moisture and, in turn, those bad smells!

Also, consider an interior cleaning and odor neutralizing service after waterproofing. A professional carpet and floor cleaner can remove residual moisture, mold, mildew, and their corresponding odors. An odor neutralizer is especially helpful for creating a clean, welcoming interior space.

4. Rising utility costs can mean it’s time for a Kansas City vapor barrier

Vapor barriers and encapsulation solutions provide added insulation for a structure. Without these, you can lose heating and cooling through interior floors. Also, outside heat, cold, and humidity seep into interior rooms, all of which tend to spike your utility costs.

If you’ve noticed a spike in your utility bills, consider a crawl space inspection. A foundation contractor can note the best waterproofing and insulating solution. In turn, you’ll lower those energy costs and enjoy a more comfortable interior space.

before a crawl space vapor barrier install for kansas city home

5. Damaged, damp crawl spaces can risk insect and rodent infestation

While keeping a property clean can help avoid infestation, remember that pests seek out water sources, not just food! In turn, a damp crawl space and moisture seeping into a structure might attract unwanted pests. Instead of simply addressing the infestation, have the crawl space checked for needed waterproofing. Encapsulation and vapor barriers keep the space dry and less hospitable to rodents and insects.

6. Vapor barriers protect wiring, pipes, and other fixtures under a structure

It’s not uncommon for electrical wiring and plumbing pipes to run under a structure, accessible by that crawl space. Consequently, trapped moisture risks damaged wiring, rusted pipes and fittings, and similar issues. If you notice this damage along your property’s crawl space, schedule repairs and then an encapsulation or vapor barrier installation.

Does a crawl space vapor barrier increase your property value?

Homeowners especially might wonder if a crawl space vapor barrier increases property values. Note that you might see some return on your investment in terms of increased home values. However, consider how neglecting needed waterproofing can lower those values!

For instance, a damp crawl space can mean damaged wiring, mold, and unpleasant smells, as said. These issues can all make your home less desirable to potential buyers, thereby lowering its value. Additionally, that dampness might risk cracked or sagging piers and beams. This foundation damage almost always lowers property values!

Also, note that buyers probably prefer a home with a dry clean crawl space, safe for accessing. Consequently, even if your home’s value doesn’t increase, a vapor barrier can help it stand out from the competition!

Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to provide you with this information about a crawl space vapor barrier for Kansas City properties. If you’re ready for expert services, call our Kansas City foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE inspections and guaranteed repairs. To get your property started, call today!


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