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Comprehensive Concrete Foundation Repair in Kansas City

Cracks, settling, uneven floors? We've got your foundation repair covered!

Your foundation is the most important aspect of your house. It's the bedrock of the framework that keeps your home sitting up straight and stable. When a building's foundation is compromised, many problems can arise, such as windows and doors not opening and closing properly, sloping floors, and bowing walls.

Over time, these issues can result in costly repairs that no home or business owner wants to fork over. In extreme cases, a damaged foundation can be hazardous to your safety. However, we want you to know that with Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists, there is hope!

Our team is trained, licensed, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of foundation crack repair in Kansas City. If you've got a problem with your foundation, we ask that you call our professionals straight away for a FREE inspection.

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Pro Foundation Repair Services in Kansas City

Meticulous Foundation Inspection in Kansas City - We Find the Problem & Fix It!

Do you think there's an issue with your foundation? Through thorough inspection, our team of foundation geniuses will find it, and we will make a plan to repair it using industry-leading tools and equipment. Here's what we look for during a foundation inspection in Kansas City:

  • Cracks in basement floors & walls (We take note of the size and position of said cracks because it matters.)
  • Stability of structure
  • Signs of sinking & settling
  • Examination of piers & beams or slabs
  • Leaks
  • Doors & windows not working correctly
  • Bowing walls & sloping floors

There are many other signs and symptoms that suggest your foundation is damaged, and you can bet that our team will find them should they exist. Foundation inspections should only be conducted by licensed, trained contractors like ourselves. Are you ready for your FREE consultation? Call now!

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Kansas City Foundation Crack Repair for Residential & Commercial Properties

When it is determined there are cracks in your foundation, what do you do? You call Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists! Our team will uncover the root cause of why your foundation cracked in the first place, and then we'll go from there. Pier & beam foundations and slab foundations require different repair protocols and our contractors have experience in dealing with both.

Our goal is to get the cracks repaired a quickly as possible so that any leaks are stopped and outside critters cannot enter your building. We're dedicated to using tried-and-true repair methods as well as modern techniques. Our Kansas City foundation crack repair services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

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House Leveling in Kansas City - A Necessary Service

Expert house leveling in Kansas City is something our team knows a lot about. The cause of sinking and shifting of your home's foundation can be many, but we've pinpointed the top four. Take a look:

  • Poor construction
  • House is built on poorly compacted fill soils
  • Soil expansion
  • Deteriorating and/or inadequate supports 

No matter what the cause is, you can depend on our foundation repair contractors to level your home as close as possible to its original position as we can. Our fully licensed and insured company uses industry-leading tools and equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently. How about we put you on our schedule today?

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Kansas City's Most Prominent Basement Foundation Repair Specialists

Cracks can wreak havoc on your basement's foundation and often lead to water leaks and other undesirable effects. We offer a variety of options to help get this problem fixed for you as quickly as possible. We use methods like helical tieback anchors, polyurethane injection, and more to ensure those basement cracks are gone for good.

You can also count on our foolproof basement waterproofing methods that keep moisture and drainages from entering your basement for a lifetime. Are you curious to know more about basement foundation repair in Kansas City? Call us!

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Home Foundation Repair for Kansas City Neighborhoods

Home foundation repair for Kansas City neighborhoods is one of our exclusive offerings. We have the equipment, tools, and methods to complete even the most complex and challenging residential foundation repairs.

All of our services begin with a complimentary quote and FREE inspection. Trust that our foundation repair contractors are the most descriptive and honest in every custom evaluation.

With decades of experience in all foundation repair types all throughout Kansas City, you can rely on us to get your building back on stable ground.

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Quick & Efficient Concrete Foundation Repair in Kansas City

Cracks, leaks, issues with moisture, and many other problems all suggest that you require concrete foundation repair in Kansas City. The great news is that our contractors are seasoned in all areas of cement restoration. Using superior tools and technology, we can take your concrete slabs to new heights through house leveling and polyurethane foam injection.

Our methods are time-tested and proven to work even on the most damaged foundations. You can secure a FREE inspection and estimate by reaching out to our team today. We'll pinpoint what your foundation needs and get to work! You'll be nothing less than satisfied with the results, guaranteed.

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Top-Rated Slab Foundation Repair

Cracks, leaks, and uneven surfaces are all things that need to be addressed in terms of concrete. That's why professional slab foundation repair in Kansas City is the way to go when you notice any discrepancies with your cement. We apply time-tested and proven methods like house leveling, polyurethane foam injection, and helical pier installation to correct the problems with your foundation. You can count on our contractors to uncover the root cause of your foundation's issues so that the area can be fixed as a whole and stabilize your property as it is intended to do. Call us now!

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Professional Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in KC

Are your noticing that your floor is sagging? Are your walls bowing? Don't wait to receive pier and beam foundation repair in Kansas City. Our foundation repair contractors are on the job. We offer high quality foundation repair services with the affordable pricing and flexible financing you require.

Give our foundation repair company in KC a call today to receive a free quote on your pier and beam foundation.

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Exclusive Commercial Foundation Repair Services in Kansas City

You don't have time to deal with commercial foundation repairs in Kansas City, which is why we're here to help. Our contractors have been fixing large-scale foundations since 2012. We have the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. You never want to allow commercial foundation damages to go left untreated because they can be a liability for your business. Most repairs can be made on the same day and not disrupt operations. We'll thoroughly inspect the premises to locate the root source of the surface damage. To get started, call us now and schedule a FREE quote.

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Fixing Foundation Leaks in Kansas City Since 2012

Is your basement, crawl space, or landscape looking a little swampy these days? If so, you could be in need of professional foundation leak repair in Kansas City. When a foundation is showing signs of leakage, it typically means there is an underground irrigation problem. Water can place undue pressure on concrete or pier & beam foundations and cause cracking. The moisture then seeps through the cracks, and leaks are formed.

We use a variety of repair methods and waterproofing measures to get in front of the problem and stop structural damage. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate.

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"I contacted this company because I had a crack in my foundation I noticed was widening. I was able to schedule quickly and they came to inspection my foundation. They gave me an estimate for crack repair and explained the process completely. Definitely would recommend calling them if you're in Kansas City."
- Ryan G.

Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists' Local Service Areas

Our team of highly trained foundation technicians is happy to serve the local Kansas City community areas of Independence, Lee's Summit, Liberty, Blue Springs, and Gladstone. If you're having issues with your residential or commercial foundation, we're the crew to fix it! Call us today to schedule your FREE inspection and get a no-obligation estimate.

Expert Foundation Repair You Can Rely On

Make sure you're always on stable ground through rock-solid foundation fixes that last a lifetime.  Call us at (816) 327-9077
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