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Dealing with foundation damages can be overwhelming and worrisome. The good news is our contractors specialize in concrete foundation repair in Kansas City. So there are plenty of options we can go with depending on the problems with your foundation and their severity.

We like to head up any repair with a thorough inspection performed by our in-house structural engineer team. That's where we'll pinpoint how the damages manifested in the first place. Did you know we offer inspections for FREE followed by a repair estimate?

Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists have been going strong since 2012, so we have the experience you are looking for. Know that we'll do everything to quickly and efficiently apply your cement foundation repair so you can get back to your life.

How about we get started with a consultation? Reach out to our staff right now to get on our schedule.

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Are There Different Types of Concrete Foundation Repair?

Yes! There are actually a few ways damages to a concrete foundation can be remedied. After inspecting your foundation, we'll be able to implement the appropriate repair plan. Here are a few of the methods that we regularly use:

  • Sealants & Masonry Patches - Sometimes cracks can be covered with waterproof masonry patches or sealers such as hydraulic cement, vinyl concrete, epoxies, silicone, or polyurethane.
  • House Leveling - When a concrete foundation is uneven due to shifting soil or erosion, the best solution is slab jacking services. This method attempts to move the foundation as closely back to its original position as possible.
  • Piling - We can use pressed concrete, poured, belled, steel, or helical concrete piers to stabilize your foundation and ensure it has more support.

Each of the recommended foundation repair methods has proven to be successful and produce long-term results. Are you curious about how each treatment works? We have a blog page that explains the techniques in more detail. By browsing our blog, you'll become more informed and have a better understanding of your foundation's repairs.

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Putting Off Concrete Foundation Repair in Kansas City isn't Wise

Home foundation cracks and other issues shouldn't be ignored on your Kansas City, MO, property. The biggest problem with putting off repair services is that your cement's damages will only continue to worsen over time.

You might begin noticing some strange things happening in your home like windows and doors failing to operate correctly, sloping floors, bowing walls, and drainage problems around your landscape that lead to the basement and crawl space flooding.

Because the foundation is the literal bedrock of any building, it can affect all other structures and prevent them from functioning. In a worst-case scenario, you may even find yourself displaced due to a faulty foundation.

Our company is here to prevent that from happening through professional foundation repair services. You can get the ball rolling right now by filling out our online form!

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Incredible Things Happen with Pro Foundation Repair Services

The Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists know just what your concrete needs! We can take a cracked and damaged foundation and make it like new again in just a few steps.

Most of the time, our repair services are complete on the same day we start them. We understand your time is valuable, which is why we work fast. As a fully licensed and insured business, you can count on us to never cut corners or use sketchy products.

From our tools down to the cement that we use, all materials are top-notch and backed by manufacturer warranties. If you're looking for superior foundation repair services, your search can end with us!



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"I contacted this company because I had a crack in my foundation I noticed was widening. I was able to schedule quickly and they came to inspection my foundation. They gave me an estimate for crack repair and explained the process completely. Definitely would recommend calling them if you're in Kansas City."
- Ryan G.

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Getting our local community the high-quality foundation repair services that they deserve is our top priority. From full-scale repairs to basement and crawl space waterproofing there's no job too tough for our contractors to tackle. All of our services are available to residential and commercial customers. How can we help you make your foundation great today?

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