Pier & Beam Foundation Repair in Kansas City is a Wise Choice!

Providing Upper-Level Pier & Beam Foundation Repair in Kansas City

Do you require pier and beam foundation repair in Kansas City, MO, but are uncertain where to get it? Our contractors can help! Since 2012, our team of professionals has been applying repairs to all types of foundations, including p&b.

We have the suitable materials, tools, and equipment to get the job done successfully. It doesn't matter the level of damage or how complex the structure is; you can count on our structural engineers to come through.

First, we'll start with a thorough FREE inspection of the area to pinpoint the reason why the foundation has become damaged in the first place. From there, we'll develop a rock-solid repair plan that's affordable.

Do you have home or commercial property owner's insurance? Great! We'll file a claim on your behalf, complete with evidence-based documentation.

How about we get started right now with foundation repair in Kansas City? All you have to do is call, email, or fill out our convenient online form found on the contact page.

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What Makes Pier and Beam Foundation Repair So Valuable?

We're so glad you asked! Just like a concrete foundation, a pier and beam foundation holds up your home and keeps all structures in their places. Unfortunately, when a foundation is damaged, it will often lead to other problems within the structure. Let's discuss some of the available pier and beam foundation repair methods in Kansas City that we have to offer:

  • Reshimming - The process of making minor but more frequent adjustments to the tightness of all pier and beam foundation parts. Reshimming should be part of your foundation's 3-5 year maintenance plan.
  • Rebuilding or Adding Pier Stacks - When interior piers become damaged, it is essential to replace them or add additional piers. The process is typically done to add extra support and/or smooth out bowing floors.
  • Wood Replacement - Shaker sills and floor joists can deteriorate, break, warp or wear down and require replacing. Depending on the severity of the damage, this job can be very simple or a massive overhaul.
  • Adding Underpinning to the Beam - Interior support beams are the most vulnerable to settlement the installation of additional drilled bell-bottom piers or concrete pilings to stabilize them. 

It isn't uncommon for piers to break or need to be replaced, and when that time comes, you can count on Kansas City Foundation Repair Specialists to get the job done. If you'd like to learn more about the repair process, please feel free to visit our frequently updated blog page.

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It's Not Worth Putting Off Kansas City Pier and Beam Foundation Repair!

We understand that many things are probably going through your mind when it comes to foundation damages. How much will Kansas City pier and beam foundation repair cost?

That's a question that every home and business owner asks, and it's a legitimate one. We implore you not to put off essential foundation repairs due to financial reasons.

There is always help available, and our company offers payment plans to help buffer the burden. Plus, if you have insurance, we will see to it that your company honors your claim.

The worst thing you can do is neglect pier & beam damages because they'll only worsen over time and deteriorate other structures along the way.

You don't want your home to sit unevenly, have bowing walls and sloping floors, or have problems with your crawl space. Through meticulous and professional repair, we'll help you avoid further damages. Are you ready to get on our schedule today?

pier and beam foundation repair kansas city
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Entrust Your Pier and Beam Foundation Repair to Our Kansas City Contractors

As a fully licensed and insured business, we take special care to ensure the safety of our customers. Having pier & beam foundation damages can cause a family to be displaced from their home or a commercial property owner to cease operations.

With quick and efficient foundation repair services, you can avoid further damages and having to leave your property. Our foundation repair company works alongside seasoned structural engineers to make sure the best course of action is taken. In many cases, your foundation repairs can be wrapped up in less than two days.

We're prepared to answer all of your questions and clearly explain why we've chosen the repair plan.

The best thing you can do for your p&b foundation is to have a thorough inspection, which costs you nothing, so our contractors know exactly what they're dealing with. We hope you'll set something up with us as soon you notice something's awry with your foundation.



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"I contacted this company because I had a crack in my foundation I noticed was widening. I was able to schedule quickly and they came to inspection my foundation. They gave me an estimate for crack repair and explained the process completely. Definitely would recommend calling them if you're in Kansas City."
- Ryan G.

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